Sponsoring a musician or endowing a chair are wonderful ways to show your support for the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. It is a special opportunity to make a personal connection with an individual player. Sponsoring a section musician is possible with a gift of $2,500 per year; an associate prinicpal musician, $5,000 per year; and a principal musician, $7,500 per year.

Listed below is the roster of musicians. Endowed chairs and 2016-2017 sponsorships are indicated by a ~ symbol.

Music Director
~José-Luis Novo
     The Philip Richebourg Chair

Violin I
~Netanel Draiblate, Concertmaster
     Sponsored by David and Jill Kidwell
~Nicholas Currie, Associate Concertmaster,
     Sponsored by Laird Lott and Linda Gooden
Yoon Young Bae
Susan Benac
~Heather Haughn 
     Sponsored by William and Constance Scott
Abby Oliver
~Rachael Stockton
     Sponsored by Tara Balfe Clifford
Violin II
~Christian Tremblay, Principal
     Sponsored by Jonathan and Marnie Kagan
~Lysiane Gravel-Lacombe, Associate Principal
     Sponsored by Martha Blaxall and Joe Dickey
Sally Stallings Amass
Lorraine Combs
Megan Gray
~Paul Herman
     Sponsored by David and Jan Hoffberger
~Karin Kelleher
​     Sponsored by Daniel and Mary Walton
Nicholas Montopoli
~Sarah Hart, Principal
     Sponsored by Charles and Julie Grudzinskas
~Derek Smith, Associate Principal
     Sponsored by Peter and Sarah Evans   
~Daphne Benichou
     ​Sponsored by Sandy and Buffy Jordan
Louise Elder Chestnut
~Susan Taylor Dapkunas
     Sponsored by Amy and Joe Rubino
Michele DeHaven
Rachel Holaday
Katherine Zahradnik
~Todd Thiel, Principal
     The Hildegard Strothman Martin Chair*
~Yoni Draiblate, Associate Principal
      Sponsored by Al and Ginger From
April Chisholm
~Alison Bazala Kim
     Sponsored by Jane and Robert Casey
Catherine Mikelson
Mary Ann Perkel
~Daniel Shomper
​     Sponsored by Michael Kurtz and Cherie Loustaunau
~Robert Kurz, Principal
     Sponsored by Bee and Bud Billups
Jeremy Barth, Associate Principal
~Peter Cohn
     Sponsored by Anne S. Potter
Adriane Irving
Joshua Lebar
Broc Mertz
~Kimberly Valerio, Principal

     Sponsored by Kathleen McDermott
~Genevieve Eichman
     Sponsored by Russ Stevenson and Margaret Axtell

~Fatma Daglar, Principal
     Sponsored by Michael and Sage Mumma

~Brian Eldridge
     Sponsored by Doug and Karen Smith

~Benjamin Greanya, Principal
     Sponsored by Florence M. Calvert
~Patricia Dusold
     Sponsored by Laird Lott and Linda Gooden
French Horn
~James Rester, Principal
     Sponsored by Marilyn Eason and Forbes Leland
Steven Barzal
Jonathan Clark
~Anthony Valerio
     Sponsored by Amelia DeAloia Crain


~Christopher Sala, Principal
     The Philip Richebourg Chair*
Christopher Buchanan
Andrew Fremder

~Dave Perkel, Principal    
     Sponsored by Eleanor and David Huggins
David Sciannella
Jay Heltzer, Bass Trombone

~Haley Rhodeside, Principal
     Sponsored by Everett and Barbara Santos
Edward Goldstein, Principal


Curt Armbruster, Principal

~Donald Spinelli, Principal
     Sponsored by Lou and Laurie Berman