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At the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, we believe our mission is now more important than ever: to produce, present, and promote memorable symphonic music for you. That is why we fully intend to perform live during the 2020-2021 season. Although we can’t anticipate what the future will hold, we are prepared to start our season in September with our first Masterworks concert at Maryland Hall. Nevertheless, our top priority is the safety of our musicians, staff, and patrons like you. We will follow federal and state guidelines for social distancing and sanitation practices. We have received a lot of questions from patrons like you; here are our answers.

2020-2021 Season

How will the Annapolis Symphony ensure safety and social distancing for each performance?

We are working closely with Maryland Hall to ensure that our musicians, staff, and patrons like you will be safe and comfortable attending a concert. The facility will be regularly cleaned, the concert hall capacity will be reduced, and a socially distant seat map will be implemented, among other things.

What are the ticket policies if a concert is canceled or if I am uncomfortable attending?

Rest assured that you can purchase with confidence. If a performance is canceled, ticket holders can either receive a full refund no questions asked, exchange into a future concert this season, or donate the cost of their ticket.

How will subscriptions, ticket pricing, and seating be handled this season?

Subscription packages and pricing will stay the same. Masterworks (5 concerts), FlexPass (3 or 4 concerts), and FlexPass Pick Later (3 or 4 concerts) subscriptions will all be offered as usual. Regardless of what you choose to do this season, current Masterworks seats are guaranteed for the 2021-2022 season.

What are the Annapolis Symphony’s alternative plans to live concerts?

We plan to live stream each concert so our audience can continue to enjoy our performances from the comfort and safety of their own home. The Symphony is working with Maryland Hall to make this a reality. More information coming soon.

What has the Annapolis Symphony been up to during the pandemic?

The Symphony family has been working tirelessly to ensure our future here in Annapolis. We have continued to work remotely to innovate the concert experience and fulfill our mission in new ways, including preparation for the upcoming season launch. The Board has hired our new Executive Director, and the Academy has switched to an online lesson structure.

How are the Annapolis Symphony musicians coping since concerts were canceled?

Thanks to our generous audiences who donated their tickets to the Annapolis Symphony Musician Fund and the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program Loan, all of our musicians have been paid in full for the canceled concerts from March through June. Some have continued to teach Academy lessons online, and we are in constant communication with our performers.

How can I support the Annapolis Symphony and its musicians during these uncertain times?

By renewing your subscription, you are helping your Symphony to remain on stage. As for donations, the Board will match all donations up to $100,000 through July 31, 2020. If you are able to donate with your renewal, your contribution helps us to stay financially and artistically tuned as we plan for an unprecedented season.

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What does “subscriber” mean?

Subscribers and season-ticket holders are terms often used interchangeably. Subscribers are patrons who invest in the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra by purchasing a package of concerts, usually prior to the start of the season.

What subscriptions are offered by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra?

The Annapolis Symphony offers three different subscription packages.

  • Masterworks Series Subscription: This is a 5-concert subscription. You can either be a Friday or Saturday Masterworks subscriber.
  • FlexPass 3 or 4: This is a 3 or 4 concert subscription. You choose your concerts at the time of purchase.
  • FlexPass Pick Later: This is a 3 or 4 concert subscription. You choose the number of concerts you want to attend and redeem your vouchers at a future date.

What’s the cost of a subscription?

Subscription price depends on the number of concerts you select and the section you would like to sit in. Subscriptions can range from $80 to $415.

Am I guaranteed the same seats season to season if I become a subscriber?

If you are a Masterworks subscriber, you are guaranteed the same seats each season. If you change your concert night during the renewal process, for example from Friday to Saturday, we may not be able to offer you the same seats.

Given the flexibility for the FlexPass subscriptions, there is no way for the Symphony to guarantee the same seats from season to season. We encourage FlexPass subscribers to renew as early as possible.

My friend isn’t renewing. Can I have their seat(s)?

Yes, but before the renewal deadline, we must receive a letter or email from your friend stating that they are transferring their subscription to you.

Can I change my seats during the renewal process?

Yes. Seating changes are on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date each subscription order was received.

We recommend that FlexPass subscribers renew as early as possible. Because subscriptions are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, there is a chance that another subscriber will renew into your seats if they request a seat change.

I’m switching from one subscription package to another. Can I get my same seats?

You can have your same seats in another subscription package provided that a current subscriber in the other series does not already hold them and that no other request has been made prior to yours (first-come, first-served). Please list all such requests on your renewal form.

Why can’t I have the seats next to me? There’s always someone different in them.

There are four possibilities

  • The subscribers share a series with friends, so you may not see the same patron at each concert
  • We have many businesses that purchase subscriptions for use by clients and staff
  • You might be near a subscriber who frequently exchanges their tickets
  • The seats are contractually reserved for the theater’s management, press or guest artists

I will be away for the summer. How will you reach me if necessary?

Particularly in the case of a request for a seating change, it can be important for us to reach you promptly to review your options. If you will be traveling, email can be a convenient way to have that conversation—please be sure to share your current email address on your order form. We will also try and contact you buy phone and the number(s) you provide.

How do I know what seats I’m getting? Can you guarantee that the seating changes I ask for now are the ones I will get?

You should be as specific as possible when indicating your seat request. The Box Office will look for seats for your first, second, or third choice seats, in order. You will be contacted if we cannot accommodate any of your requests. Because requests for seating changes are handled in the order they are received, we strongly advise patrons to renew early.

Since we cannot tell which seats might be released by current subscribers, or if there are any requests for the same seats already in line before yours, we cannot guarantee seating changes. If your particular seating request cannot be accommodated, the Box Office will call you when assigning seats during the summer to discuss available options. Seating is assigned patron by patron—based on order date—one subscription at a time.

Will you hold off on charging my credit card until I’m seated? Can you take my renewal and I’ll send you a check later?

Subscription payments are processed immediately. Subscription change requests are seated based on the date your paid reservation is received. We must receive payment in order to renew your subscription.

Why can’t I get Parterre or aisle seats like I’ve been requesting for years?

Parterre seats are always in demand and are seldom released by the subscribers who currently hold them. Renew early to have the best chance of getting aisle seats that are not renewed. All requests are first-come, first-served.

Can I purchase additional tickets throughout the season?

Subscribers save 10% or more on most additional ticket purchases. To purchase additional tickets as a current subscriber, call the Box Office at 410-263-0907.

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My concert was cancelled due to COVID-19... What now?

If you are a ticket holder to any concert between March 20 and June 7 that was cancelled due to the coronavirus, please email info@annapolissymphony.org to either:

OPTION 1 – Donate the cost of your ticket(s) to the Musician Fund and receive a tax receipt in the mail

OPTION 2 – Request a full refund for your ticket(s)

How do I request accessible seating?

Accessible seats may be purchased online just like buying any other ticket. Look for the wheelchair and companion logos on the seating chart. You may also purchase accessible seats over the phone with the Box Office at 410-263-0907.

How do I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final.

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Can someone else pick up and use my will call tickets?

Absolutely! Call the Box Office at 410-263-0907 to change the name on your will call tickets. You will need to provide the name and phone number for the person picking up the tickets for verification at the Box Office.

How to exchange?

Can’t make your concert? Masterworks and FlexPass Subscribers can exchange their tickets for the alternate performance of the same concert only. Exchanges are subject to availability. Please return your old tickets to the Box Office by mail, in person, or email with a photo of the destroyed ticket(s). Once the Symphony receives your old tickets, the newly exchanged ones will be shipped to you.

Can I change how my tickets are delivered?

Depending on your concert, we may be able to change the delivery method for your event. If you need to get your tickets electronically, call the Box Office at 410-263-0907.

Donate your tickets

If you are unable to use your tickets, you may donate them to the Symphony as a tax-deductible contribution. Please return your tickets to the Box Office by mail, in person, or email with a photo of the destroyed ticket(s) at no less than 2 hours before the concert. We will mail you a receipt for your tax purposes. Tickets released after 6 PM on concert night will not be eligible for a deduction unless the concert is sold out.

How do I check if my tickets are valid/authentic?

The only way to know your tickets are valid or authentic is to buy directly from the Annapolis Symphony online via our website, over the phone, or in person. We cannot verify tickets bought from a third-party.

How can I check my gift certificate balance?

Send an email to the Box Office at info@annapolissymphony.org to request an update on your certificate balance. Symphony staff will respond within 48 to 72 hours to your request.

How do I redeem my gift certificate or voucher won at a local auction?

To redeem a gift certificate or voucher, please mail in or stop by the Box Office with your original certificate or voucher signed by Symphony staff. For additional questions, call the Box Office at 410-263-0907.

I haven’t received (or accidentally deleted) the email I need to print my tickets at home. What do I do?

We are here to help! Contact the Box Office at 410-263-0907. We’ll verify your email address is correct and send the tickets again.

Lost/Haven’t Received Tickets

Misplaced tickets? Don’t worry, we have a few options for you. You can contact the Box Office at 410-263-0907 to have a new set of tickets either mailed or sent electronically to your inbox. On concert evenings, stop by Will Call in Room 204 and Box Office staff can print you new tickets.

Name changes

Notice an error in your name? Did your name legally change? Click the Contact Us page to let us know and we’ll update your account.

Why do you request my address, zip code, and phone number?

The information requested may be used for a variety of purposes related to the ticket purchase transaction. These purposes can vary by transaction but include allowing us to: ship/deliver tickets and/or receipts; respond to customer service requests; review and enforce limits on the number of tickets purchased; to help prevent credit card fraud.

Do you save my credit card number on file?

No. For security purposes, and to protect your personal information, we do not keep your credit card number on file.

Group Sales

For groups of ten or more, please contact the Box Office at 410-263-0907. See Group Sales page of this website for further information.

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Planning Your Visit

When should I arrive?

It’s a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes before your concert time. Then you’ll have plenty of time to park, peruse the program, and prepare yourself for the experience.

Late Seating/Re-Entry: In consideration of our artists and patrons, late seating and re-entry will take place during the first appropriate pause in the program at the discretion of management. Certain programs may be performed without intermission; in those cases, late seating and re-entry may not be available at all.

What should I wear?

Never let your wardrobe keep you from a concert! Your experience with the music is what’s important, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will see a lot of concertgoers wear business attire, casual business attire, or boating casual.

Where do I park?

Parking is free on the Maryland Hall campus. Maryland Hall can accommodate parking for most events. Overflow parking is located at Bates Middle School and within one block of Maryland Hall in residential areas. Please do not park in the two small parking lots adjacent to the town homes on Carraway Lane. The town homes enforce towing in those lots for non-resident cars.

Is there a free, pre-concert talk offered?

All ticket holders are invited to attend ‘Meet the Masterworks’ with Dr. Rachel Franklin. This is a free 40-minute pre-concert talk about the evening’s program and gives you an inside scoop on the composers featured for the evening.

Lectures take place in the concert hall and begin promptly at 6:45 PM.

May I bring children under 8?

No children under 8 years old will be admitted to the Annapolis Symphony Masterworks Series, Pops Concerts or Chamber Music Series concerts.

Children 4 and up are encouraged to attend the Family Concert in May, and the Pops in the Park program at Quiet Waters for Labor Day.

Patrons of all ages must have a ticket to enter the Concert Hall and must sit in the seat indicated on the ticket.

May I take photos or record the music?

The use of any recording devices, including cameras is not permitted at any time. Please turn off your cell phones and tablets before the performance begins.

Are there any food and beverage offerings at Maryland Hall before the concert and during intermission?

The Café @ Maryland Hall located on the first floor. It is operated through a partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools and their culinary arts program at CAT South High School. It is staffed by students and professional managers. In addition to the Café, Maryland Hall hosts a bar that accepts cash and credit cards. Drinks purchased from the Maryland Hall bar are allowed in the concert hall.

Both the Café @ Maryland Hall and the Maryland Hall bar are available before the concert and during intermission.

The Annapolis Symphony is happy to offer a VIP Lounge at all Masterworks Series Concerts for all Gold Circle donors and higher ($500 and up). Patrons can enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink, snacks, and conversation. The Masterworks Lounge is open one hour prior to each concert and during intermission.

What happens if I am unable to attend my performance?

All single ticket sales are final. You may help us allow others to experience music at the Annapolis Symphony by donating your tickets for resale. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes. The Box Office will accept ticket donations until 6 PM before an evening concert.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

In the event of severe weather, every effort will be made to continue with scheduled concerts. No refunds will be given if a concert is performed during severe weather but not attended by the ticket holder.

Does the Annapolis Symphony offer cough drops at concerts?

The Symphony offers complimentary cough drops in the lobby before the concert and during intermission. Please remember to unwrap candies or lozenges before the concert begins. We ask that patrons are considerate in the number of cough drops taken so as many patrons as possible can benefit from this complimentary offering.

How long is my concert?

Most concerts last approximately two hours.

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