2018-2019 Masterworks Season

This season of Masterworks celebrates the power that music lends to film and the wide exposure that film lends to great music. The season features great classical music that has become more widely known through film and great film music that has taken its rightful place in the concert hall. Three very special experiences will illustrate the relationship: a silent film enhanced by a symphonic soundtrack, an animated short heightened by a live music selection, and a new work that ponders the enormities of our universe accompanied by extraordinary telescopic footage that shows us views farther out in the universe than we have ever seen before.

Subscriber Benefits

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  • Ticket Donation – Donate your ticket back and receive an acknowledgment of your tax-deductible contribution in the mail.
  • Ticket Exchange – Exchange your ticket from one performance to another, within the same season.
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Masterworks Subscribers
(5 concerts) are guaranteed the same seats each season.

FlexPass Subscribers
(3 or 4 concerts) can make seat requests and are offered the best available seats during renewals.

FlexPass Pick Later Subscribers
(3 or 4 concerts) have the opportunity to select each desired performance later in the season. Vouchers will be redeemed for the best available seats.

Additional Information

Due to the increasing demand for aisle seats, we are unable to offer Orchestra AA to FlexPass Subscribers.