Sponsored Musicians

Sponsored Musicians 2022-2023

Sponsoring or endowing a chair is a transformative way to show your support for the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. It is a special opportunity to make a personal connection with an individual musician and deepen your connection with the symphony. 


José-Luis Novo
The Philip Richebourg Chair


Violin I
Netanel Draiblate, Concertmaster
Sponsored by Jillinda Kidwell 

Nicholas Currie, Associate Concertmaster
Sponsored by Laird Lott & Linda Gooden

Abby Armbruster
Sponsored by Mimi Jones

Susan Benac
Sponsored by Herb and Sallie Abeles

Heather Haughn
Sponsored by William and Constance Scott

Rachael Stockton
Sponsored by Tara Balfe Clifford

Hanbing Jia
Sponsored by Capt. Mark & Michelle Hellstern


Violin II
Christian Tremblay, Principal
Sponsored by Peter and Sara Evans

Kristin Bakkegard, Associate Principal
Sponsored by Stephen Sotack

Karin Kelleher
Sponsored by Prudence Clendenning



Sarah Hart, Principal
Sponsored by Charles & Julie Grudzinskas 

Derek Smith, Associate Principal
 Sponsored by Ginger & Al From

Susan Taylor Dapkunas
  Sponsored by Amy & Joe Rubino



Todd Thiel, Principal
The Philip Richebourg Chair

Pei Lu, Associate Principal
  Sponsored by Jane & Robert Casey

Nicole Boguslaw
Sponsored by Thomas DeKornfeld

Daniel Shomper
Sponsored by Michael Kurtz



Peter Cohn
Sponsored by Anne Potter



Kimberly Valerio, Principal
Sponsored by Mary McKiel

Genevieve Eichman
Sponsored by Russ Stevenson



Fatma Daglar, Principal
Sponsored by Collot Guerard



Robert DiLutis, Principal
Sponsored by Shelley Row

French Horn

Steven Barzal
Sponsored by Florence Calvert



Christopher Sala, Principal
The Philip Richebourg Chair

Christopher Buchanan
Sponsored by George and Carol Ellis



David Perkel, Principal
Sponsored by Eleanor and David Huggins

David Sciannella
Sponsored by Robert & Kathleen Arias

Jay Heltzer, Bass Trombone
Sponsored by Peter Bungay & Joy Chambers



Curt Armbruster, Principal
Sponsored by Fred Stielow & Susan Rosenfeld

We are very grateful to our generous sponsors. We are planning to connect all of our sponsored musicians with their sponsors at an exclusive event in February.  If you are interested in sponsoring a musician, we still have spaces available. Please learn more here.