Megan Gray

Violin II

What city are you living in now? Lutherville, MD

Where did you study? I attended East Carolina University for my undergraduate degree and Peabody Conservatory for my graduate degree.

What is your favorite piece of music? Choosing a favorite piece of music is an impossible task, but I have always loved any and all things Prokofiev. From hearing Peter and the Wolf as a child to discovering his string quartets and violin concertos, to getting perform his symphonies, there is not one piece I haven’t loved.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? I spend a lot of time with my two rescued galgos from Spain (sighthounds, similar to greyhounds), Gizmo and Theo.  I also enjoy cooking, seeing friends and family, and traveling

What is your fondest Annapolis Symphony memory? I am proud of the fact that the symphony showcases the talents of our own musicians as soloists, so any time we have a member performing, it is a special memory. But my favorite memory is seeing our colleague, Paul Herman, return to the stage following his heart transplant. I started a position in cardiology at the same time and was learning a little about what he was going through as I made my way through a completely new world. It gave me such an appreciation of what it must have taken for him to physically be able to return. I was not able to be on stage with him but made sure I was in the audience that night to cheer him on.