Susan Taylor Dapkunas


What city are you living in now? Annapolis, MD

Where did you study? Peabody Conservatory

What is your favorite piece of music? This month, my favorite piece of music is Rebecca Clarke’s Sonata for Viola.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? When not playing music or spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, writing and being in nature (especially birdwatching and sailing).

What is your fondest Annapolis Symphony memory? I have many profound memories of making music with my Annapolis Symphony colleagues over the years. My fondest, though, is probably playing with Hilary Hahn in August of 2002. Our older daughter was in labor at AAMC. I knew I would be rushing out after the concert and I asked Marshall if he could get Ms. Hahn to sign my CD. Her father overheard us and took me down to her dressing room. When I explained the situation, she thought it would be more fun to sign the CD to my soon to be born grandson. I wholeheartedly agreed!