Vaccinations and Masks to be required at indoor concerts from Oct 1 & 2 until further notice. Read Here.

Orion Youth Orchestra Inaugural Concert

Orion Youth Orchestra – A tuition free, high level orchestra conducted by Maestro José-Luis Novo. First of its kind in the United States, this new concept of how youth orchestras should provide students who excel in their musical studies an opportunity to perform with like-mined young musicians. The orchestra will launch in September 2021 in Annapolis, MD. The Orion Youth Orchestra also marks the introduction of woodwind, brass, and percussion instrument to the Annapolis Symphony Academy over the coming years it is our hope that Orion will set the standard for other youth orchestras in the country to reward excellence and provide a tuition-free, high-level experience to all accomplished students.

The event on January 15
th will celebrate the launch of the first youth orchestra (to our knowledge) in the United States that’s conducted by a world-renowned conductor, who is also the music director of the parent orchestra, as well as offer that free of charge for the students qualified for the orchestra. The full concert program will be determined shortly after auditions are completed this coming July. The event will feature Maestro José-Luis Novo conducting the Orion Youth Orchestra, soloist to be determined.